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Barely three years ago when the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) was organized with the fusion of Bachelor of Arts (AB) and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT). This was the ardent wish of the Chairman & School President , Mr. Rhett Lucero Piczon, who saw the need for a department that would bolster the prestige of Samar College as a learning institution. Truly, a school with a College of Arts and Sciences that hones students’ skills, talents and abilities in creative arts, academic maturity in liberal education, advanced knowledge in science and technology makes a difference. Barely three years, and the college has established its own reputable personality with its goals and objectives aligned to the vision-mission of Samar College.

The opportunity to be creative and innovative is offered by far in a College where the study of arts and sciences caters to a wide scope of academic and technical development. Time has evolved considerably in the domain of business and industry and human development. The need to answer the demands in terms of human resource can be addressed only by the skills and training one has acquired in the aligned disciplines of science and computer technology. This is the time, and this is the output that learning institutions must yield to the demands of industry. This is the Raison d-etre of the College of Arts and Sciences.

To our dear CAS students, visualize what you want to become and accomplish. The field of liberal education and computer technology will boost you to focus, give motivation to the goals you want to achieve. There is no greater fulfillment than realizing that you have become the skilled individual you want to be because of the training and education you have acquired. The school is instrumental to your success, and the College where you belong propelled you to that end. Your contribution to society and human development in terms of your skill and knowledge shall be your lasting testimony.

Dare to struggle towards that end!

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