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Objectives of the College of Graduate Studies

A. As a Research Department, it intends:

  • 1. To gear its research on the problems, conflicts, and contradictions found in the islands as well as its weaknesses which arrest and hinder its development;
  • 2. To discover and conserve the rich cultural heritage of Samar Island and develop its natural potentials for economic development thereby inspire and encourage both its students and other clientele in the community to appreciate and love their own island as a part of their national heritage;
  • 3. To foster interdisciplinary research in collaboration with all sectors of the community, whether public or private academic or non – research and education in general, thereby strengthening educational programs aimed at the development of the island.
  • 4. To facilitate the development of research – oriented faculty, non – teaching personnel and student of Samar College through the implementation of the programs and activities of a functional research council; and
  • 5. To maintain closer cooperation with other institution of higher learning particularly, in the island of Samar, in the area of research and education in general, hereby strengthening educational programs aimed at the development of the island.

B. As a Teaching Department, it aims:

  • 1. To develop among its students leadership competencies and skills required by the particular role they play in the society;
  • 2. To develop among its students positive attitudes toward research in order to enhance their scientific and creative mental abilities needed for pursuit of their individual and collective aspirations in the context of their peculiar ecology and opportunities; and
  • 3. To assist in the implementation of an effective and relevant faculty development program of the school.

C. As a Service Department, it purports:

  • 1. To initiate, facilitate and maintain continuing education for all the members of the school community by holding regular conferences, seminars, workshops, and the like, in coordination with other institutions in the society, in order to ensure the achievement of relevant education and academic excellence; and
  • 2. To publish, disseminate, and share its findings to individuals and institutions who share the philosophy, vision, mission and goals of Samar College.
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