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Objectives of the College of Criminal Justice Education

The aims of the College of Criminal Justice Education (CoCJE) of Samar College include:

  • To train its intended clientele to be well-equipped with the needed knowledge on police matters that will serve as their primary tool in providing quality service to their respective communities;
  • To train its students to be highly-committed to the profession of police protection and security;
  • To develop its students to be compassionate in the discharge of their duties toward the community they intend to serve;
  • To develop its intended clienteles to be patriotic to their national identity and cultural diversity;
  • To develop students to be fully aware with the modern trends, issues and concerns in efficiently and effectively promoting, protecting, and preserving the interests of the Republic of the Philippines at all times;
  • To develop students to be highly-proficient in the various fields of Criminology Education, Security and Safety Administration, Criminal Justice System Administration, Police Administration, and Correctional and Jail Management; and
  • To train students on the global trends, issues and concerns in all aspects of public safety and security.
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