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As a preparatory level of learning, the Elementary Department has the following goals:

1. To provide quality instruction and create the highest standards of learning experience which will:

  • 1.1. Enable the pre-schoolers and elementary pupils to develop their innate abilities in the appreciation for the Arts, Life Sciences, Languages, Mathematics and Social Studies.
  • 1.2. Develop basic skills in thinking, speaking, writing and the ability to respond intelligently and effectively to life situations they constantly find themselves as they develop into young adults;
  • 1.3. Promote the physical, psychological, social, moral and spiritual well-being of its clienteles;
  • 1.4. Equip pre-schoolers and elementary pupils with fundamental knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes in preparation for their next educational ladder or for their high school life;
  • 1.5. Develop a sense of patriotism and pride of being a Filipino, putting into action their civic responsibilities and obligations to the society; and
  • 1.6. Foster academic awareness of the socio-economic, political and cultural heritage of the Island of Samar, as well as the whole nation.
2. To foster academic and social leadership among the faculty and its clienteles; and

3. To establish and maintain a high level of cooperation between the school, the parents, and the community for the benefit and welfare of the clienteles, in particular, and of the Filipino society, in general.

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