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Function and Responsibilities of the School Principal


  • To carry out the school policies and objectives of the Board of Directors within the purview of existing laws and regulations;
  • To exercise educational leadership among his/her faculty members to cooperate in activities for the uplift of the community and the attainment of the school’s vision, mission and goals; and
  • To carry out a definite program of progressive and transformational development in all significant aspects of school operations.


  • To determine the authenticity of the admission credentials of pupils/students seeking enrolment or transfer;
  • To draw up the school and class programs, classify pupils/students and assign teachers;
  • To design and implement a wholesome personnel relation program to establish a high morale and promote effectiveness and efficiency;
  • To initiate, establish and maintain linkages with different public and private offices to promote the school and secure needed support;
  • To recommend the School Administrator the appointment, promotion or dismissal of teachers to the Chairman of the Board and President;
  • To supervise teachers in classroom and administrative work and in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities;
  • To maintain reasonable order and discipline in the school, school campus and in outside school-related activities;
  • To administer adequate guidance and personnel service;
  • To plan and carry-out a well-planned in-service education for the faculty;
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