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Registrar's Objectives

The aims of the Office of the Registrar include:

  • To make sure that the policies and regulations of the school regarding entrance requirements, enrolment load, subject sequence, promotions, graduation, transfer, and other related guidelines are effectively enforced;
  • To make sure that the school bulletins, catalogues, brochures, the school calendar and other announcement are properly prepared;
  • To consolidate and submit the schedule of classes for each term prepared by the deans and heads of academic departments;
  • To determine admission course requirements, transfer, graduation and other matters of all bonafide students of Samar College;
  • To help revise the various curricula in school and disseminate information on new rules or requirements of the various curricula offered in Samar College;
  • To execute the registration procedure in Samar College;
  • To implement admission and selective-retention policies of the school in all its program offerings;
  • To assure on the flow, safety and security of files and records as well as keep the files and records up-to-date; and
  • To make sure that recording of data on students’ records and reconstruction of lost or missing files are properly accomplished.
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