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Our school opened its doors in July,1 1949 styling itself under the name of its famous predecessors – Samar Junior College. Its main building was located in the very heart of Catbalogan, at the corner of San. Roque St. and Allen Avenue, while the normal training School was situated at the intersection of San Roque St. and Mabini Avenue. The initial tertiary ptogram offering then were the Elementary Teacher Certificate (ETC) for the still young College of Education (CoEd) and the Associate in Arts (A.A), with specializations in preparatory Law, General Liberal Arts, and Education, for the college of Liberal Arts (CoLA); Thus, making the CoEd and CoLA as the first colleges ever to be established by the founders of Samar Junior College. The incorporators were to embark on a journey to fill the long cherished dream of every progress loving Samareño to have a college that would not only supplement the work of the local public school but, at the same time, offer educational opportunities above high schools levels.

The circle of men and women, trailblazing forty-niners including prominent personalities of the provinces of Samar and Leyte, pushed for the realization of their dreams though the establishment of an educational institution. The pioneering Board of Directors (BoD) was chaired by Mrs. Felicidad G. Hernandez, with Mrs. Presentacion D. Raynaldo, Mr. Esteban S. Piczon, Mr. Marciano Lim, Dr. Antonio Merida, Atty. Francisco Astilla and Atty. Emelio Astorga as members of the board. The instructional support Staff included: Mr. Sixto Q. Salazar as Directors, Mr. Marciano Lim as the Training Department Supervisor, Mr. Fidel Lim as Registrar and Treasurer, Atty. Jose C. Santos as Librarian, Mr. Esteban S. Piczon as Auditor, Mr. Alfredo C. Perez as Accountant, and Mr. Carlos Valera as Cahier.

These were the indefatigable members of the elite group who had to content with the “birth pains” usually attendant to a newly-formed educational institution. That they were successful in their blood venture and were able to deliver when it mattered most it reflected in the thousands men and men – Samar College Alumni – who have carved niches for themselves in various fields of endeavors, not only in our country but also in foreign shores.

The 1950s saw Samar College¢s emergence not only as a hub of academic excellence but as sports and cultural center as well. In the first ever held Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association (EVRAA) Meet in Cebu City, last February 19 – 25, 1953, our school represented Samar Province in the basketball Competition. The Catbalogan Fiesta and other local events were never complete without Samar College being invited to display its artistic and floral- inspired floats in the civic and military parade.

The local folks awaited with bated breath the appearance of our beautiful and radiant muses who rode the gaily- decorated floats. The Samar College beauties always drew thousands of applause and admiration from the receptive crowd. This was the decade when Samar College brightly in the Sports and Cultural Arenas.

It was also in this period (1950s) that the growing and expanding College of Educational broadened its wings like a maturing eagle to soar to program, namely the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEED) and Bachelor if Science in Education- inverted courses, where graduates of the degree could teach in either elementary or secondary level.

In the 1960s, the school Administration Building transferred location to its present site marking May 4, 1966 a red letter day for its inauguration. The Board of Directors (BoD) continued to be under the reins and able stewardship of the dynamic Mrs. Felicidad G. Hernandez, while the then Gov. Esteban S. Piczon was installed as the Vice-Chairman if the policy making body, which was beefed- up by the entry of educators in the mold of Mr. Castor Pacoli, Sr., Mr. Sixto Q. Salazar, Mrs. Pia A. Astilla, Mr. Jesus Japzon and Mr. Delfin Raynaldo.

The period came to be described as one of the most memorable decade where every graduation exercises saw publication of the coral to chronicle the schools momentous events and to highlight other co-curricular activities. On the other hand, the school organ – Samar Collegian, provided a forum for the intelligent discussion of issues and concerns and was handled then until now by a selected group of literati, men and women of letters, whose members knew the importance of synergistic relationship with administration.

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