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Let's all rally and unite
'Neath our banner, the green, red and white
Bracing our feet in ground so firm
Victorious heart proudly pulsating

While o'er head the torches radiant beam
Our dark brows profoundly lightning
In our heart a song slowly swells
Silver voices of praise for the reveal.

Let our song be full our voices free
Let our heart speak our gratitude

Our Alma Mater ever cherished must be
In darkness of defeat or joys of victory
Let our shoulder be massed for power
Let everyone’s courage be unfailing
Then all together we lift our Alma Mater
Till skies behold the Samar College rising.

Samar Colleges, Inc.
Catbalogan City, Philippines
Tel# (055)251-3021 or (055)543-8381
Fax# (055) 251-3021

Senior High School - TnT 09073906404 / Globe 09064053067
Email - gracenavaja@samarcollege.edu.ph
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