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The College of Graduate Studies (CGS) is especially established in the institution to offer graduate program(s), especially those related to the College of Education (CoEd) and other colleges duly recognized by the government through the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). It is headed by a College Dean who is under the Office of the Vice- President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) imbued with all the powers, rights, duties and responsibilities stipulated by the existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines, as well as the rules and regulations of the school.

The College Dean for the CGS shall hold a doctoral degree with specialization in a particular field related to one of the courses offered in the college, and, where applicable, a professional license requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. He must have research experience and published works in professional journals. He must have at least ten (10) years of satisfactory teaching experience and at least five (5) years of satisfactory managerial experience.

The general functions and responsibilities of the College Dean for the graduate college, like the CGS, usually include:

1.) To assist the school head, through or in coordination with the Vice – President for Academic Affairs, in all matters affecting the general policies of the entire institution;
2.) To provide academic leadership in his/her college or unit; and
3.) To provide overall administrative supervision over all activities in his/her college or unit.

Among the specific duties and responsibilities of the College Dean in this level are the following:

1) To recommend, through channels, the curriculum and program of study to be adopted for approval by the Commission;
2) To recommend, through or in coordination with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, the appointment, promotion, or separation of faculty members in his/her college;
3) To recommend, through channels, the subject assignment of faculty members in his/her college;
4) To help formulate educational policies in his/her college, and to issue necessary rules and regulations for their effective implementation, in coordination with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs;
5) To institute a definite program of supervision to raise the efficiency of instruction, in consultation with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs;
6) To supervise all the curricular and co-curricular activities of all departments under his/her charge in collaboration with other officials concerned;
7) To enforce the institution’s policies, rules and regulations on admission and registration of students, transfer of credits, subjects loads, subject sequence and subject pre-requisites, scholarship, residence, promotion, and others; and
8) To approve the list of candidates for graduation of the college or department. The College Dean may perform such other functions and responsibilities that are inherent to the position, especially those duties and responsibilities stipulated in the CHED

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