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This Office was created on April 1, 2016 through the transformational leadership of the Chairman & President, Mr. Rhett Caesar L. Piczon.

The creation of this Office is the centrepiece of the school’s desire to implement systemic changes in the organization and the manner by which it delivers its mandate which is quality education.

The nature of the office’s roles and responsibilities will be evolutionary. This means that such roles and responsibilities will conform to the changes which will be the offshoot of the strategies and plans that this office will develop and implement, both short- and long-term.

The scope of its authority on academic matters encompasses the three pillars of education, namely:

  1. Quality instruction;
  2. Research and Development; and
  3. Extension Programs.

Likewise, all academic deans, heads, principals and allied departments which the Office deems to be critical to the effective attainment of its desired results shall be included in its organization.

In order to accomplish its mandate, three departments are directly under its supervision, to wit;

  1. Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs;
  2. Office of the Research and Extension Services; and
  3. Office of the Curriculum and Instructional Development.
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