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     Posted on Thursday Feb 08, 2018  

Criminologist June - December 2017 Passers

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success . . .
The College of Criminal Justice Education and The whole Samar Colleges Inc. Community Congratulates you!

     Posted on Monday Jan 15, 2018  

Family Fun Run 2018

Do you want to do something worthwhile before the day of hearts?
Come and join the SC Family Run 2018!
In Samar College, we don't just run.
We run for a cause, we run to help, we run for a vision.
Surely, it's going to be fun a

     Posted on Monday Dec 18, 2017  

SC Christmas Party 2017

SC Employees Christmas Party 2017

     Posted on Monday Oct 23, 2017  

Scout 2017

Be prepared. Be alert. Be a scout.
    Boys and Girls in uniform of Samar College joined in the celebration of the Scouting Month. The Scouts enjoyed the varied activities - a test of their endurance and sportsmanship. The scou

     Posted on Wednesday Oct 11, 2017  


We dedicate all of these to God!
This is more than enough. We thank all the people who supported us- the parents, the school, and to everyone who contributed much to the success of our participation in the 2017 DIVISION SCHOOLS PRESS CONFEREN

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